Diving in Dorothea Quarry.

Sadly this last weekend there was another Scuba-Diving related death in Dorothea Quarry, plus two more divers air-lifted away to Murrayfield for decompression treatment.

The British Sub-Aqua Club does not support club dives taking place at Dorothea.

Just stop and read that line again.

Now apply that thought to what may be involved if an incident occurred and involved yourself diving there as a member of a BSAC club. Covered by BSAC insurance ? Life-assurance ? Insurance Policies ? You confident they will pay out when diving in there is not supported by our governing body ? Not only that, it’s trespass as it’s private land and despite efforts by the owner to stop access, divers still think it’s OK for them to go in “because it’s Dorothea.”

Attached is a document with BSAC’s views on the site, and also another document prepared by BSAC with diving alternatives in the Lake District.

BSAC Advice
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The ladders are now 50m underwater

The ladders are now 50m underwater, half the depth.

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