Dwarf Sports Coast to Coast Challenge

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You may have picked up I have a passion for cycling and when possible take time off from MSB to do a bit of long distance cycling. This year is no different, though am doing it to meet another of my passions – that of being a founding Trustee of Dwarf Sports Association UK (DSAUK)

DSAUK has been going for 25 years, supporting dwarfs and others with restricted growth to take part in every day sporting activities.

What’s important to know is, we’re good at it – not just in creating paralympians, having had 5 dwarfs compete in London 2012, winning 2 golds and 2 bronze medals, but far more important is knowing we enable 1000’s of people to take part in sport who wouldn’t usually have access to such events, or recreational activity.
We have a volunteer network of peers, parents, dwarfs, kids, adults and several from the third age. Have a look at what we do www.dsauk.org/video

We work with communities, schools, sporting organisations – from clubs to leagues, as well as national sporting bodies and health authorities.

This takes massive effort and incurs cost.

The Coast to Coast cycle event takes place from 24th to 26th July and is made up of all sorts of people, all organised and managed by dwarf members. The 3 day event covers 170 miles of England’s countryside following the Way of the Roses.

If you’d like to join us have a read of the attached, or click on http://www.dsauk.org/articles/index.php?arin=10055

We’d love you to be involved, have a go, sign up for the event – all 3 days, or just chose a day.
If that’s not possible please donate, sponsor or give us some cash to ensure we keep going.
It’s easy just click


Steve Scott MBE
Dwarf Sports Association UK

M: 07977 436 279

Supporting Dwarf Sports C2C Challenge

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