From BSAC HQ – Get set for launch of UK National Diving Week 2014

New initiative UK National Diving Week (UKNDW) kicks off at Anglesey ScubaFest on the weekend of 16-17 August with the aim of introducing new divers to the sport of scuba diving. UK National Diving Week 2014

Over the course of the nine-day UKNDW period there will be a focus on promoting scuba diving to the British public, driving traffic to the website at BSAC clubs will be promoted on the UKNDW website so potential new divers will be able to find a club to contact.

UKNDW teamed up with dive industry organisations such BSAC and PADI, as well as Fourth Element, Suunto, Apeks, Aqualung and H20 Films to get the venture up and running.

Bryan Stanislas, the man behind UK National Diving Week is a professional diver with over 25 years’ experience in the industry. Passionate about UK diving he said “when it comes to easily accessible coastal locations – as well as inland sites such as lakes, quarries and rivers – the UK has some of the greatest and most varied diving and snorkelling in the world. This initiative is simply to encourage more people from our island nation to get involved in our fantastic sport.”

If you are a club and want to get more involved, please visit for more details.

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