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Wednesday 9th December at 19:30: “The Freedom of the Bay”
Will look at the birds and fish that live in the Bay. These animals use the winds and the tides, and are able to hunt and explore as they see fit. Among the bird life of the Bay you may spot Percy the peregrine falcon. If you’re lucky you’ll see him doing a ‘fly-past’ over the bay during the autumn and winter and causing a commotion!
Talks will be presented by Kathy MacAdam (birds) and Lewis Bambury (fish). The talks are aimed at a general audience.
Admission is £2 on the door, and all are welcome.

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Wednesday 13th January at 19:30: “Wanderers of the Sand”
Hunters and hunted – those that crawl the sands of the Bay are an alien band of creatures, armoured, multi-armed, poisonous; whatever it takes to survive… Bernard the hermit crab (above) has sharp eyes, but he is too slow to escape the fish that might snack on him, so he retreats into an old whelk shell, guarding the entrance with his impressive claws.
At 19:30hrs on Wednesday the 13th January we will meet at the Gregson Community Centre (Moore Lane, Lancaster LA1 3PY) for three short talks on starfish, crustaceans, slugs and snails.
All welcome – admission £2, proceeds to Lancashire Marine Conservation Society.

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