This Girl Can…Dive

BSAC launched the ‘This Girl Can…Dive’ campaign in January, a spin off from the national ‘This Girl Can’ initiative launched by Sport England in January.

They have reported a great response from female divers on social media, both in the UK and overseas. Within just a few days the campaign reached more than 60,000 people on Facebook. It has now reached almost 85,000 so why not help spread the word?

You can read the full story on the BSAC website by following this link “This Girl Can…….”

But if you want to join in and help get more women in to the sport (something TSAC is pretty good at if you look at out current membership) then here’s what they are asking you to do:

Ladies on Facebook and/or Twitter:

Please post your ‘This Girl Can…Dive’ pic of yourself and then nominate three of your female diving friends to do the same. Please use the #thisgirlcan hashtag.

Please note:

On Facebook, you can add your picture and nominations to the BSAC Facebook post or simply post on your own personal timeline. (Or ideally do both to get the campaign as far and wide as possible!)

Gents on Facebook and/or Twitter:

Please ‘share’ or ‘retweet’ the campaign post/tweet so any of your female diving friends can take part.

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