Try Dive Night – Weds 14th Nov

Trafford Sub-Aqua Club will be hosting their annual Have-A-Go Night on Wednesday 14th November 2018 at Flixton Ex-Servicemen’s club and Urmston Leisure Centre. The event gives newcomers a chance to give scuba diving a try in a friendly and social environment, previous experience is not required.

The event kicks off at 7:30 pm, where after a short introduction to diving, our club and BSAC, everyone will move to the pool and take to the water with the help of a personal instructor. Everyone is welcome to call and register for the event for a small fee, which will then be deducted from the club membership cost should you get a taste for it and decide to join up.

The club is currently celebrating its 45th year and are excited to take on new members. We offer plenty of opportunities to dive in the UK, this year we have undertaken trips to Loch Fyne, Oban, Shetland, British Virgin Isles, St Abbs, Anglesey, each with breathtaking underwater scenery and wildlife. We also run at least one training dive per month. 2019 sees trips already organised to Oban, St Kilda, Eastbourne, Isle of May, Rathlin Island, St Abbs and two big trips to Cairns and Vancouver Island.

There’s never been a better time to give the sport a try, with TSAC moving from strength to strength and travelling to more and more beautiful locations across the world. If you choose to join up, training is free, and you could be qualified and ready to dive anywhere in the world by the spring. We’re planning more trips for 2019 and already 2020.

If you think this exciting sport may be for you, or if you’re more experienced and just want to practice in a relaxed and sociable environment, feel free to get in contact and reserve your place at our Have-A-Go Night. Unfortunately, we cannot always accept people who show up on the night in the pool without registration so be sure to give us a call or an email to confirm your spot at the event.

Email us at or use the contact us page if you would like further details.

P.S. If you cannot make this date – it’s still worth dropping us a line as we can arrange to take you in on another date.

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