As with all BSAC clubs, we have a committee elected each year who help manage and run the club.

TSAC Committee 2020

The TSAC Club Committee


Steve Bettison

Diving Officer

Second year for Steve as DO this time round. Club member since 2007, Advanced Diver, nearly an AI. Previously DO for 2 years and TO for 4 before that.


Debbie Carrier

Membership Secretary

Debbie joined the club in March 2014. Joining us as an Advanced Diver and Club Instructor from another club. Second year on the Committee taking over as contact for BSAC and has also upgraded from CI to OWI.


Josh Ball


Josh is a trainee diver joining in November 2019. Already volunteering to assist as Treasurer and drastically reduces the average age of the committee.


Steve Gresty

Equipment Officer

Steve joined the club in November 2016 as a trainee and is now a Sports Diver and training to be an Instructor. Second year on the committee and has a love for tinkering with engines


John Brooks

Social Secretary

John is a Sports Diver. Club member since November 2017 and is his first year on the committee as Social Secretary. Looking forward to getting involved with organising social events for the club.


Neil Smitham

Training Officer

An Advanced Diver and Open Water Instructor, Neil has been in the club since 1991. Second year as Training Officer. Chair for 12, DO for 6, Treasurer for 1, General Member for 1.


Brad Markham


A club member since 2012, Brad is a Dive Leader and this is his fifth year on the Committee as Secretary. Popular diver and normally first to the bar. We let him so it doesn’t interfere with his OCD!


Paul Tweedale


Paul has been in the club since October 2005. Is our 2019 Diver of the Year. Has done 2 years as Social Secretary and 6 as Membership Secretary before a year off last year mainly spent in other countries contributing to 78 dives. Returning for first year as Chair.